Saturday, 7 January 2017

Lorien Howell - DDA and the case of the missing century - new cover concept and Place-Names of Wales

conceptual template for a 2017 cover idea for Lorien Howell's DREAM DETECTIVE AGENCY (book one ... and the case of the missing century) about young heroine Dierdre Openhouse's quest through the age of dreaming legions, accompanied by her sister Brody Belvedere.

Additionally, I'm going to take the opportunity to share with you a rather interesting text from 1881 called The Place-Names of Wales by Thos Morgan.

"Happy is he who knows the origin of things." 

Is the opening dedication, and essentially The Place-names of Wales is about the tacit (or intentional) erosion of our 562 AD comet-ruined Britishness and the northerly easeterly pressure upon the true British language and people from successively incursion of Frisians and Norwegians.

Yes, 1881 and yes this is still a children's book.

Considering the rapid strides of English education 
in the Principality, we fear the time is not far distant 
when a moiety of our mutilated Welsh place-names will 
be nothing less than a series of enigmatical problems.

And of course this has already happened, we have already been stripped of our Real British Heritage by the invading elites who would like us to believe we're part-Roman or part-Norman or part-American...and I final-quote from the :

If the reader will be so fortunate as to 
find a map of England which was published in the time 
of Ella, the first Bretwalda of the Saxon race, the 
recurrent Caer would make him almost imagine he was 
perusing the map of Wales. There he would find 
Caer -legion, Chester, which is still called Caerlleon; 
Caer-Badon, Bath; Caer-Glou, Gloucester; Caer-Ebrawc, 
Eboracum of the Romans, and the Saxon York; and 
Caer-Lundene or Caerludd, London, &c. In course of 
time the vowel e was elided, hence we have such examples 
as Carmarthen, Cardiff, Carlisle, Carsey, Carsop, 
Pencarrow (Pencaerau), Carew, &c. 

SYNCHRONISTIC MOMENTS R US: so, there I was, continuing to read (and thoroughly enjoy) the above text from 1881 dealing with the ancient place-names of the Khumric people... and I random-graze onto a youtube video dealing with the discovery of one of the later Etruscan principalities.

The video (below) opens, "Eighteen eighty-one..." you really can't make this stuff up.  :)


ETRURIAN ORIGINS: Round shields, round houses, look like Khumric or British bronze-iron agers to me... fighting naked is (also) a Pictish trait.

Friday, 26 February 2016

Steven Greer - The Lost Century - relevant to content of DDA #1

Whilst researching potential background information about Lorien Howell's Dream Detective Agency #1 (and the case of the missing century) I came across this poignant presentation from Dr Steven Greer dealing with the issue-relative topic of The Lost Century.

We're all dying in our dreams (night after night) because the astro-physical matrix is constantly folding in on itself, denying our minds the necessary fuel for TRANS-FORMA-TION, our dream-death means our lack of memory of our true potential as a space-breaching race...

In the novel, Brody Belvedere helps her split-twin Dierdre Openhouse to see that the only REAL WAY to break through this inter-galactic barrage of denial is to embrace the wandering zero-point, bravely go; live.

Thursday, 28 January 2016

DDA #1 - case of missing century - who is Dierdre Openhouse?

so, the new novel by Lorien Howell (The Dream Detective Agency #1, ...and the case of the missing century) is an extension of the children's short story The Amazing Adventures of Deirdre Openhouse, Dream Detective but who is Dierdre Openhouse.

this was a 2008 novel Planet of the Owls by Hertzan Chimera and at the end of that (waiting for the angel) is a mischievous seemingly-magickal character calling herself Dierdre Openhouse. She's supposedly the child-like projection of an old woman who lives rough on the streets of Oxford. Who can tell if she is or not, because children lie and that's a fact. And so do old women.

Dierdre Openhouse is merely a character in a never-published short story written by the central character Lorien Howell in the 2015 novel War World by Hertzan Chimera. Dierdre Openhouse and her 'sister' Brody Belvedere play a crucial role in the climax of both War World and the competing novel Free Planet by Hertzan Chimera (2015).

So, who is Dierdre Openhouse, and does she exist outside of the narrative world of dreams? Maybe we should ask her 'sister' Brody Belvedere... another strange character who might or might not be related to Dierdre. Hell, there's every possibility that Dierdre and Brody are just refractions of light passing through the same prism. There's another possibility that Brody is another old person lying about her true identity.

We'll all find out once the DDA #1 book's done, surely.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Flooded Kingdoms of the Ice Age - Dreamer Worlds Lost - 9,600 to 9,500 years ago

9,600 - 9,500 B.C.
for those literally hundreds of people who've been asking me about this over the last few months, "Yes, that's the missing century..."

Have I broken the book by revealing this? Not really, you'd have found out fairly early in the story anyway, the real surprises are (of course) what was stolen along with our misplaced legacy? And will it (or they) come back to haunt us? These will most certainly NOT be cometary fragments but more 'fragments of the human dream' ... it'll all be explained in the book once it's done, some time in 2017.

the foreword of the first Dream Detective Agency novel "...and the case of the missing century," praises the brave research of the likes of Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval and all the other invetigators of Alternative Histories and Lost ante-diluvian Societies; these Magicians of the Gods (let's call them what they really are - these con-men who made those under him do his bidding).

And by 'doing his bidding' we mean Architecture, Agriculture, Religious Worship and Meglithic Structure Building... potentially even High Technology used to cut and move multi-hundred-tonne stone blocks and craft enormous perfectly-symmetrical granite sculptures.

Here's Graham Hancock talking about the Underworld (his term) i.e. those places he contends were buried under ice-cap-freed oceans when the Great Comet/cometary fragments of 9,600 B.C. to 9,500 B.C. struck this planet ... if you think hard about this, you'll realise that' it's not all that long ago.


AND IF YOU ENJOYED THAT: here's part two of this series on Ancient-ancient Civilisations, from India to Japan. Of particular interest to those interested in Beaker Culture here at Stonehenge and other Neolithic sites in UK, this second part goes into the 14,000 B.C. ante-Diluvian eerily-anthropomorphic Jomon Pottery. Apparently this pottery is EVERYWHERE in Japan, suggesting that the Jomon were a lot more settled than usually accepted - otherwise how do nomadic peoples transport all their fragile pottery all over their territory? Now I want to visit the Sannai Maruyama paleolithic site in Northern Japan...


Sunday, 6 December 2015

What is the age range for DDA#1 and how does this relate to content?


I've had a couple people ask me about the target age range for this kids' novel DDA#1 (Dream Detective Agency, book one, and the case of the missing century) especially since I came up with the new darkly Dark Ages cover (right) that nobody seems comfortable with...

DDA#1 is not going to be a short illustrated card-covered furry-textured pamphlet for little kiddies to have read to them by their doting mommies. I suspect it'll be a book that children will read (and mostly understand) for themselves. I'm not necessarily talking about a strict 'teen' rating for this either. [source Lorien Howell]

Kids who can read for themselves will enjoy this fantasy novel, it'll appeal to the Harry Potter crowd, and it'll also appeal to the Doctor Who crowd ... and both those mentioned markets appeal to adults, too.

Here's a link to the original 9,000 words short story The Amazing Adventures of Dierdre Openhouse, Dream Detective.

Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Lorien Howell - Dream Detective Agency #1 - Giants vs Dragons

Dark Ages cover design
the Sîrênae vs the Kîmêrae:
in recent months, I have become fascinated by GIANTS (and DRAGONS) for DDA #1, it's gonna be a shocking and bewildering narrative involving the CCRB or Corpus Callosum Realm Between.

Here's a clue as to how we get from A to B in the narrative universe - MISSING TIME and MISSING LOCATIONS. All things that are hidden from view are (usually) in plain sight.

The Dream Detective Agency (book one) will be a novel for children of all ages, following the adventures of separated sisters Dierdre Openhouse and Brody Belvedere as they ponder the great crimes of man's stolen heritage.

"Our history on this planet is not what we think it is. Someone's been monkeying around with the truth of our lives, and we're not happy." Royal Decree on the State of our Modern Minds by Brody Belvedere to her sister-in-spice Dierdre Openhouse.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Battling the Dragon - why it only takes - One missing century

surely, you all know by now that The Dream Detective Agency children's novel is subtitled, "...and the case of the missing century," but how can only one hundred years have such a phenomenal impact upon a) the whole narrative and b) the whole cutural identity of mankind?

DDA#1 is a kid's book, never forget that - but that doesn't mean such a project can't explore some of the more contentious suicides and murders of our time - namely our Missing Past.

Mankind is schism'd, or lost ( twixt'd and tween'd ) and it's the job of the Dream Detectives i.e. Dierdre Openhouse and Brody Belvedere, to rediscover the place (in time) where this happened to help redirect mankind onto his/her original course.

Along the way they'll encounter DRAGONS... of course.